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TimeSplash and TimeSplash 2 Book Deal Announcement

Momentum LogoRegular readers will be aware that a TimeSplash sequel is on the way. In fact, I finished the very first draft of the book (lots of work still to do) on Sunday and have already begun the revisions. What you may not know yet is that TimeSplash 2 (it doesn’t have a title yet) will be published by Momentum. Ever heard of Momentum? Possibly not. It is the new(ish) digital-only imprint of Pan Macmillan Australia. Pan Macmillan, you have definitely heard of, I assume, as it is the fourth largest of the collection of publishers formerly known as The Big Six.

In fact, the deal I’ve just signed with Momentum means they will publish both TimeSplash and the sequel some time around Q3 this year. Tens of thousands of people have read and enjoyed TimeSplash, so I’m hoping that news of the sequel will be good news to them. I am very excited that my agent hooked me up with Momentum – it’s a very energetic and dynamic new imprint – and that TimeSplash has found a home with one of the biggest publishing houses in the world.

I really can’t wait for people to read the new novel. I really feel the second book is a worthy successor, which is personally satisfying but also makes me squee inside at the thought that the people who enjoyed the first book, a great many of whom have asked for this sequel, might not actually be disappointed with the second one. Because that would suck big time.

Set sixteen years after the action in TimeSplash, the new novel sees Sandra and Jay reluctantly dragged back into another crisis and to post-apocalyptic America where they struggle to save themselves and a whole city from what is likely to be the biggest timesplash ever while dealing with their own complex relationship.

I will keep you informed of how the books progress as they go through the mill at Momentum, acquiring edits, covers, blurbs, release dates, titles, and so on, and I hope you will stick with me for the next few months until TimeSplash and TimeSplash 2 are launched. Meanwhile, TimeSplash has been withdrawn from the market and won’t be available again until Momentum releases it. So, if you haven’t read it yet, I’m sorry but you’ll have to wait. (However, the audiobook version, read by Emma Newman, is still on sale at Iambik Audiobooks and through Amazon’s Audible.)

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