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Fun With Pulp-O-Mizer

I came across this wonderful website today and started playing around. It’s called PULP-O-MIZER and it lets you design the covers of imaginary pulp sci-fi magazines. Within a few minutes I had knocked up a few excellent magazines that really should have existed. Then I started thinking, would it work for designing a book cover?

Well, as you know, TimeSplash and its sequel, Backwash, are on my mind at the moment and, now that I’ve delivered the MS to Momentum, I’m already wondering what the covers will look like. (All right, I’m a shallow and trivial person. Deal with it.) Of course, I probably won’t see either of them until about the time of the next Australian General Election, and I don’t expect (or want!) a retro rendition, but, if they were going to look like Golden Age pulp novels, the two PULP-O-MIZER mock-ups below would be very cool.

TimeSplash pulp fiction coverPulp-O-Mizer_Cover_Image(1)

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