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It's Official, The Timesplash Sequel Has a Name

Drum roll, please. The second Timesplash novel will be called…

True Path

Now, I was going to call the second book “Backwash” but the good folk at Momentum gently pointed out that, in certain circles, the word has unpleasant connotations. Then they went away and thought about it and came back with True Path, which is just brilliant in all kinds of ways. (I hope you’ll read the book one day to discover how clever they were in choosing this name.) I really do love it.

As the action moves to post-Adjustment America, Jay and Sandra are once more caught up in the madness of timesplashing. This time, sixteen years after the close of book one, America’s most-wanted domestic terrorist, a driven man, working to free his country from religious oppression, kidnaps Sandra to help him create the biggest timesplash ever, to unleash an orgy of destruction that will kickstart a new American revolution. But Jay’s attempts to rescue Sandra only make matters worse, while Sandra’s resolve not to help kill millions of people is undermined when the would-be revolutionary gets his hands on Cara, Sandra’s teenage daughter.

With the re-launch of Timesplash just six weeks away, and True Path due for release one month after that (July 1), things are starting to get exciting for me. I will be talking about Timesplash and its tortuous journey to publication at the Australian Conflux 9 convention in Canberra on 28th April. I’ll be on a panel of other newly-published writers, talking about our work. According to the format, I’ll get a couple of minutes to talk about how Timesplash came to be published by Momentum/Pan Macmillan and then five minutes to read an extract. Anyone who has followed the twists and turns of this novel’s “journey” to publication will know that a couple of hours, not a couple of minutes, is what I’ll need to do it justice.

Timesplash is a book that has been commercially published once already, then self-published, and now, commercially published again. In between, it has come close to publication by three other publishers – twice reaching the point where a contract was under negotiation, one of those being stopped by the publisher going out of business, and once falling down just two weeks from the acquisition meeting that would have agreed it’s purchase by a Big 6 publishing house because the publisher championing it resigned! And yet it’s a fascinating story that many unpublished writers might like to hear – a story that could only have happened in these days of publishing turmoil.

Needless to say, I’m glad that Timesplash and, of course, True Path, have found a home in the Pan Macmillan universe. I’m hoping they stay there a long time.

And thrive.

No covers yet but they’re on their way. Keep watching this space.

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