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Alternate Future Histories

Where did Jay and Sandra go after we left them at the end of Timesplash? Jay was madly in love with the beautiful but disturbed young woman. He had lost his job at MI5 but his friend, Jacques Bauchet, had invited him to go back to work at the Temporal Crimes Unit in Europol. Sandra was more ambiguous in her feelings about Jay. In so many ways she was the more experienced of the two but also the more damaged. Starting from a low base, her growth in self-awareness during the book had been greater than Jay’s. She clearly had a strong affection for our young, slightly nerdy hero, but she knew she had much more work to do on herself before she could commit to a relationship. Jay says goodbye to her at the gates of a mental institute where she is seeking help and he heads for Brussels to take up his new job.

True Path coverTomorrow, True Path, the sequel to Timesplash, is released and will reveal all.

I won’t spoil it for you by saying any more, except this. Three years ago, when I finished Timesplash, I had Jay and Sandra buzzing around in my head for weeks afterwards. I’d already lived with them for almost a year and I wanted to know what became of them. Then I saw a writing competition advertised. You had to write a piece of short fiction (1,000 words as I recall) about two people who meet in a laundromat. Obsessed with my two protagonists, I immediately put them in that situation – 40+ years after the events of Timesplash, in the year 2090-something – and wrote their story.

It was a terribly sad story – not least because laundromats were still supposed to exist in the 2090s! – and nothing like what you’ll see in True Path. One day I might put it up on this blog. Until then, I’m very pleased to say that True Path continues Jay and Sandra’s stories in a far more satisfying way. I hope you’ll pick up a copy tomorrow and that you will agree with me.

Meanwhile, don’t forget that the True Path 24-Hour Round-the-World Non-Stop Twitter Tour starts at 7pm EST (US) on July 1 (8am AEST on July 2 for Australians). For details see this post from my writing blog. AND there is a fantastic free prize to be won during the tour – the entire Momentum sci-fi and fantasy backlist! That’s over 20 ebooks, all for free, generously donated by Momentum for this amazing giveaway. To find out how to win, this post has the details.

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