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TimeSplash Takes Off. Thank You.


For those of you who have followed my adventures with TimeSplash from the beginning, thank you. You now have the bragging rights to say you were among the very first to spot the book. For those who have just joined us here, welcome. For those who don’t know what this is all about and [...]

Reviewer Turns Interviewer

Tweet An Interview with Alaskan Bookie

You will remember the Alaskan Bookie site recently gave TimeSplash a five-star review. Well, afterwards, Dorothy, who runs the site, asked me over for an interview. You can see the result on the Alaskan Bookie website. This is a particularly good interview in a couple of ways. Firstly, the [...]

TimeSplash Audiobook Review at Alaskan Bookie


I just wanted to point you all to a review of the new audiobook version of TimeSplash. This is on the Alaskan Bookie site – where you can find reviews of other audiobooks as well as author interviews. I am very pleased to say it is a very positive review! It’s great that there [...]

Jay: Researching and Planning This Character in My Novel


TimeSplash has been having a good day. Sadly, I can’t tell you about most of it (sorry) but I hope to be making a very exciting announcement soon.

What I can mention is a great review I found at 1889 Labs just now by author MCM. One of the delights of having a book [...]

A Big Thank You


TimeSplash has been out for about six months now (I know, I can hardly believe it either) and it is a good moment to take a small step back from my (continuing) promotional activities and just say a big thank you to all the people who have bought it and read it. And another [...]

Quillsandzebras Review of TimeSplash


And, hot on the heels of the review by Booktaste, this wonderful review of TimeSplash by A. M. Harte at Quillsandzebras.

The amazing thing about Ms Harte’s review is her summary of the book. It is far better than any that I have written and better than the one my publisher is using. If [...]

New Review on Booktaste


Just a quick mention that the guys at Booktaste have done a review of TimeSplash. This page-turner gets into action from the start: a girl in fear, the baddy supreme. Author Graham Storrs expertly paints a future world with problems even worse than at present, such as nuclear armed warlords. Beijing crumbles, London quakes [...]

I Declare the Twitter Tour a Success


Well, it didn’t kill me, and, considering how I felt when I reached Europe and still had nine hours to go, the tour not killing me is something for which I’m very grateful.

I’d like to thank the dozens of people who joined in with me as I rocketed around the world gibbering inanities, [...]

Another Review for TimeSplash


Reader, writer and blogger, Steven Sodhner, says he read TimeSplash in a single sitting and “loved it!” In fact, he loved it so much, he immediately wrote a review for his blog.

Luckily he lives far away, or I’d be round there to give him a hug!

Read Steven’s review of TimeSplash here.

TimeSplash Review at Andy Shack’s Blog


The first official stop on the TimeSplash blog tour is Andy Shackcloth’s blog where he has posted the world’s first review of TimeSplash.

You’ve heard me ranting about the book for weeks now and you’re probably wondering if it’s any good. All I can say is, go right now to Andy’s blog and get [...]