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Timesplash is Having Another Great Giveaway


My publisher has decided a Timesplash giveaway is needed to kick sales of the Timesplash series into a higher gear. So, right now, you will find Timesplash – a novel of time travel, terrorism, the desperate struggles of a deranged young woman, and a shoot-out in Edwardian London – is free on Amazon, iTunes, [...]

The Timesplash Playlist


Writers often release the “playlist” for the books they’ve written. I’ve always found this a bit odd. Books take many months to write, sometimes many years. I don’t know about these other writers but in a period that long, I would listen to hundreds of different tracks, possibly thousands. So putting together a playlist [...]

First Look at the Timesplash and True Path Cover Art


At last I can unveil the stunning new covers for Timesplash and its sequel, True Path.

You can click on each of the covers to see a larger version. Momentum says there will be higher-res versions to see soon – but I just wanted to get these images out there asap. As you can [...]

It’s Official, The Timesplash Sequel Has a Name


Drum roll, please. The second Timesplash novel will be called…

True Path

Now, I was going to call the second book “Backwash” but the good folk at Momentum gently pointed out that, in certain circles, the word has unpleasant connotations. Then they went away and thought about it and came back with True Path, [...]

Release Dates! And More!


All with added exclamation marks!!!!

A writer’s exclamation mark count really is like any normal person’s heart beat rate. There is a direct relationship between the total count per page and how excited he or she is feeling. So, you guessed it, I’ve got some exciting news! Momentum has announced release dates for Timesplash [...]

Fun With Pulp-O-Mizer


I came across this wonderful website today and started playing around. It’s called PULP-O-MIZER and it lets you design the covers of imaginary pulp sci-fi magazines. Within a few minutes I had knocked up a few excellent magazines that really should have existed. Then I started thinking, would it work for designing a book [...]

Heads Up Audiobook Fans – TimeSplash is out tomorrow


I’ve got a miserable cold at the moment, so the brilliant news that the Audiobook version of TimeSplash will be released tomorrow by Iambik Audiobooks is a welcome piece of good news. (Squees feebly.) I’m going to crawl back into bed now (you know how bad man flu can be) but I’m hoping that, tomorrow, [...]

TimeSplash is Back


Well, after a brief period of unavailability, the ebook version of TimeSplash is finally back – and better than ever. Featuring a new cover, this is actually a second edition of the ebook. Some of the changes that were forced on me by my previous publisher – because of their “house style” – have [...]

The TimeSplash Cover Art Has Arrived


When I saw the email in my inbox this morning, I daren’t open it. I left it there until I had dealt with every other email before I clicked on it. The TimeSplash cover art had arrived at last and I was too scared to look.

One of the first things I noticed about [...]